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Googling "I Want to Kill Myself"?

Googling "I Want to Kill Myself"?

Having erroneous notions in your head can have a bad influence on your emotional state of mind. Cognitive distortions are a normal aspect of the human experience for everyone. But when cognitive distortions are excessive or severe, they might be potentially harmful, such as wondering I want to kill myself.

Catastrophizing is a form of cognitive error that is quite widespread among people. Catastrophizing is defined as exaggerating the significance of a situation or assuming the worst-case scenario in a circumstance. The remedy for many of these mental faults may lie in learning to challenge your own beliefs and hypotheses.

I'm interested in learning about your concerns. Wanting to kill yourself?
What are the chances of your worst nightmare coming true?

Anecdotes or other facts from your own personal experience should be used to support your views.
What would be the ramifications if your greatest nightmare came true, and you were right?
What are the chances that your greatest nightmare comes true, and you make it out alive?
What are the chances you'll survive for a week? For the period of one month, what is the % change in value? How about a year?