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Automated Therapy

"Thank you. You made me feel like I was back in control! You gave me amazing resources that helped calm me down. thank you for validating my feelings and helping me realize its okay to feel strong things."

"he were extremely nice to me and have been the first person ever to actualy help me. Thank you so. so. much."

"This was a great experience. i felt completely safe in opening. He was soooo sweet, honest, and understanding."

"Thank you for the time you give me. It has been a hard life. And it makes it easier knowing there are people out there like you. Who is willing to help no matter. Thank you for all of it. I won't be able to thank you enough."

"I feel calmer and feel that this session really helped. So thank you again! I appreciate it."

Why is this free?

When I was fourteen years old, I wanted to kill myself I went to a school counselor who connected me to a social worker who became my therapist. My parents weren't involved, and my insurance wasn't involved. It was just free. I completely took that for granted at the time.

Since then I've learned a lot about those who can't afford mental health care and simply go without it, thinking, "I want to kill myself" all the while. It is my goal to prevent that, at least a little.

I also accept donations/tips! It would be nice to buy a cookie.